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Mr. Hagen

TECHNOLOGY WITH MR. HAGEN- See below for important updates on how COVID-19 is affecting our classroom.  

Hello, my name is David Hagen and I teach Technology here at Genesee Stem Academy.  On this site you will be able to access our EasyTech curriculum through Students will be engaged weekly in a variety of different computer lessons that will build and challenge them. All EasyTech Lessons will be supplemented with outside resources so students are getting exposed to a  variety of different technologies on a daily basis.

We are learning coding in the months of March and April.  The following includes information on how the Covid-19 pandemic will affect our classroom learning.

Coding teaches students a range of problem solving skills, which include drawing pictures and diagrams, guess and check strategies, creating tables, logical reasoning, recognizing patterns, and working problems out backwards (these strategies parallel mathematics).  We will be using the following websites to accomplish this:  Google Classroom,,, and

As a result of Michigan schools closing because of COVID-19, I am asking interested parents to e-mail me for their child’s login procedures to their accounts at these websites. My e-mail address is  I wish you all the best of health and fortune and hope to see you all April 6, 2020!



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What are we doing in the Technology Lab?

K-2nd Mouse Practice (Click on the pictures)

mouse3 mouse

K-3rd Keyboarding Practice (Click on the pictures)

keybaord3 keyboard keyboard2 keyboard4

Animation Softwares






Ms. Gilley’s class animation from ABCya Animation!

My Movie from Michelle Vermilya on Vimeo.

Mrs. Gold’s class animation from ABCya Animation!

Gold GIFS from Michelle Vermilya on Vimeo.

Mrs. Smith’s class animation from ABCya Animation!

smith gifs from Michelle Vermilya on Vimeo.

Mr. Gardner’s’s class animation from ABCya Animation!

Gardner GIFs from Michelle Vermilya on Vimeo.

      The program we will be using daily!


******Free courses for students!******



******Keyboarding Websites******

STO_logo_wTextturtle diarylogo3



nitrotype_400x400typing treasure









******Coding Websites******





code monkey




******Free Time Websites Only******

Prodigy Image Funbrain Image  social studies learning games for kids


PBS_Kids_Logo.svg ABC ya grade 2math playground

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