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Welcome to 2nd Grade with Mrs. Gaylord at GSTEMA! I graduated from Croswell-Lexington High School before getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education through Central Michigan University. I majored in German and studied English and Physical Science as minors. I was a part of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, the National Honor Society, and the International Club at CMU. This is my 18th year serving communities as an educator. I have had experiences teaching in rural, suburban, and inner-city schools, from Pre-K through 12th Grade! I have taught General Education, German, Science, ELA, and sometimes host a German Club!

At GSTEMA, we have fun while learning through a technology-based, project-based, hands-on curriculum. In Second Grade, students learn topics such as:

ELA: Reading through 3rd Grade Level and beyond, homophones, CVCE patterns, long and short vowels, main topic and details, cause and effect, using graphic organizers, sequencing, summarizing, compound words, onomatopoeia, rhyming, poetry, fluency; Writing- narratives, opinion pieces, how-to, informational, friendly letters, etc.

Social Studies: Landforms, maps, economic proficiency, needs and wants, branches of government, presidents, careers, recycling, being a good citizen, and solving community problems.

Math:  Addition and subtraction through double- and triple digits, beginning multiplication and division, time on the hour, half hour, and quarter hour, measurement with English and metric systems, data analysis through graphs, pictographs, plots, and number lines, place value to 1,000, geometric shapes and equal shares.

Science: Landforms, plants, life cycles, properties of matter, animal classification, habitats, erosion, and heating and cooling.



Sept. 2017- Students have completed Unit 1 Week 1 of the ConnectED Curriculum! In October, we will continue with this amazing program! In our STEM block, we have engineered spaghetti towers, 3D toothpick structures, used pretzels and chocolate Cheerios as Base 10 blocks, made Rekenreks, layering a volcano model, and earthquake activity. We have worked on four different ways to write numbers: standard, expanded, written, and Base Ten. We have learned several strategies for simple addition and subtraction to 20: number line, count on/back, make 10/10 Frame. In Science we are learning about landforms and quick changes to land, such as earthquakes and floods.

Students Read to Self everyday during Daily 5. They are listening to me read “Frindle.” We are planning to write to pen pals in Guam, a territory of the US in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and Hawaii. Thank you for helping students with HW packets and reading every day at home! We anticipate having a special reading program soon! We have also eaten grapes from the vine since some students weren’t able to distinguish them from blueberries. In Social Studies we are making brochures about being a good citizen. We will read and share them with another class for speaking and listening skills.

Fall 2017– Welcome to my classroom and our expanding GSTEMA building! Currently, Second Graders will focus on team-building, building positive relationships, STEM projects, First Grade review, beginning of the year assessments (DRA, NWEA, Rainbow Words, Math Assessment, handwriting, etc.) We will begin using our ConnectED ELA accounts and Envision Math accounts with Pearson Realize. We will incorporate writing with Social Studies and Science to pen pals across the globe!


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2017 STEM/Enrollment Fair-Gaylord

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