Genesee STEM Academy

Genesee County's First S.T.E.M Certified School

Sports Club


Grade: 3rd – 6th

Sports Club is a Title I funded program that teaches students different skill sets within a specific sport and how to manage a healthy lifestyle.  The instructor will inform the students about: 1) the importance of exercise, 2) eating healthy foods, and 3) how to perform certain sports’ drills.  Also, all participants must sign and comment to a Behavioral/Academic Contract to remain in the Sports Club.


Instructors: N. Demps, J. Pendelton, J. Tyler (Genesee STEM Academy)

D. Perez, J. Turner (Parent Volunteers)


Instructor: C. Bagley                                                                   Organization:  Genesee STEM Academy


Funding for Sports Club is provided with Federal Title I dollars.

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