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October 31, 2014 Friday Parent Letter

October 31, 2014

Greetings Parents/Guardians:

Happy Friday!  We had a fantastic time celebrating careers!  We sincerely appreciate your support with the lawyers, doctors, surgeons, federal court judges, police persons, firefighters, actors, dancers, scientists, principals, engineers, etc. who came dressed for success!  Of course, all students dressed in uniforms represented all STEM career fields! Our kindergarten classes had a special visit from Officer Meeks, learning about becoming a police officer.  She blessed them with special junior police badges. We extend a special thank you to parents and community who came and shared their career with our students.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to share your career and would like to participate in our career readiness program, please contact the school, it’s an open invitation! 

School Spirit attire first order placement will be Monday, November 3rd.  If you wish to place your order for our GSTEMA gear, please send your order and payment to our office.  If you lost your order form, we will have it posted on our website for your review. 

We have revised our dismissal procedures to increase safety and organization for our students.  Pick-up students will be in a secure area located in the gym for dismissal at 3:30pm.  Parents requesting an early dismissal must report to the office.  Students will be called to the office for sign out.  We appreciate only for emergency reasons that a student is requested to leave early.  Early dismissal interferes with their instructional time, and must be limited.

Classroom visitation will be open from 9am-3pm.  Parents/guardians must sign in and have a visitor pass to visit classes.  Parents, who would like to speak with a teacher concerning their child, should arrange a conference.  We love to discuss your child’s progress; however we must avoid interfering with classroom instruction. 

Fall pictures that were purchased have been given to students to take home today.  Picture Re-Take is scheduled for Wednesday, November 12th beginning at 9am.  Students requesting a re-take must return their full package.  Class composites will be given out after re-takes have been completed. 

Progress reports for the 2nd marking period will be sent home next Friday. 

If you have any questions about items in our Friday letter, please give us a call.  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday night!

Have a great weekend,

H. Rita Cheek

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