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October 2, 2015 Friday Parent Letter

October 2, 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Happy Friday!  We have had an exciting and busy week.

Our focus this week was on safety.

  1. We had practice fire, tornado, and lockdown drills this week to ensure our students are prepared in case of emergency. Ask your student to explain the procedure for each drill to test their memory.  These drills will be performed later during the school year as well.
  2. With the concern for safety of our students during the issues with Flint water, steps have been taken to have the water tested and we should have results next week. We would like to thank those parents and concerned friends for their donations of water this week.
  3. Please remember GSTEMA is a NUT-FREE ZONE, there are some students in the building with allergy to nuts. We need your support in not packing items containing nuts, such as granola bars with nuts, peanut butter sandwiches, etc. for snack or lunch.
  4. The parking cones have been helpful to keep traffic flowing. Please, don’t stop and park to drop off or pick up children in the cone area.  The side back green door hallway is used for parent pick up and the front office door for any other school business.  All visitors should report to the office to receive a visitor pass.  Our goal is to keep children and staff safe.

The students have been continuing with their fall MAP and DRA assessments to determine their learning goals for this year.  MAP assessments are scheduled to conclude next week.  The students have been doing a fantastic job.

We are looking forward to next week.  Wednesday, October 7 is Membership (Count) Day & Fall Picture Day.  Please ensure you student is present and on time, we have great plans for the day.  All students are required to take a picture and be in uniform for Fall Picture Day.  (Spring Picture Day will be a free dress day.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are quickly approaching, beginning Friday, October 16th.  If you have not returned the Conference Schedule form, please contact the teacher to find out the time slots that are available.

We are sorry for the delay in the after school programs starting.  Mrs. Cheek has been absent this week with health issues as well as some teachers.  Thank you for your continued patience, we will be assigning teachers and classes next week.

Have an enjoyable weekend!


Rita Cheek

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