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Hello, my name is Aneisha McDole. This is my first year teaching here at Genesee STEM Academy. I am very excited to work with our 4th grade scholars this year! I am a Saginaw native, that has graduated from the University of Michigan and Syracuse University.

February Updates

Within this section you can see what topics we are covering in class, as well as updates on important events taking place.

Math: Throughout the month of February we will be focused on our fractions unit. Recently our 4th grade scholars took a class assessment on comparing fractions and generating equivalent fractions. As the month continues we will continue to work with fractions, as we learn how to add and subtract fractions, and from there learn to multiply and divide fractions. I highly encourage all of my students to continuous review their multiplication facts, which will frequently come up. 

Science: In our previous unit for science we covered  the processes that shape the Earth, including weathering, erosion, and deposition. The students had an engaging time conducting different labs in which we were able to learn more about these processes. Below are pictures of our scholars at work during our Skittle lab, where we saw weathering and erosion at work. As the month progresses, we will be learning plants’ effect on regions, as well as plate tectonics when we begin our earth science unit. 

Reading/Writing: This month we are covering informational texts, or non-fiction texts (more details on this to come). Students are encouraged to read daily in their spare time. They may check out books from our classroom library, or read books from a website we use frequently in class, GetEpic! Among many of the texts we will be reading, our students will have the opportunity to learn about many important historical figures and events as we prepare for Black History Month!

Social Studies: In our social studies unit, we are learning about the three branches of the federal government. Our scholars have been conducting research on each branch, so that they may each present a project about what they have learned. Each student will be asked to create a project, which may be a poster, a brochure, or even a song that each student has created on their own. 

NWEA Prep: On February 15, 4th grade will begin their second round of testing for the Winter NWEA. Our scholars have been preparing to improve their Fall scores by receiving online individualize instruction that helps them focus on areas that they may need improvement in, as well as helps them build upon their strengths. Each student knows their scores in math, reading, and science, and has had the opportunity to set personal goals for themselves. We look forward to seeing how they perform on the upcoming test.

M-STEP: With the M-STEP quickly approaching, our students will be preparing for it, using resources found on their website. For additional home practice, you may use the resources found on the website below:,4615,7-140-22709_70117-350553–,00.html

***Report cards were distributed on February 6, 2018. If you have yet to receive your child’s report card, please let me know so that I can inform you of their progress right away.



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