Mrs. Walker

 RS.     ALKER

Ready to learn? My name is Mrs. Simone Walker and I am beyond excited to teach at Genesee STEM Academy this school year. This school year marks my 9th year in education, working mostly with middle and high school students. I have taught at Flint Central High School, Academy of Flint, and The New Standard.

To my students, I plan to stimulate your minds this school year with thought provoking discussions and interesting reading materials. We will also explore language and writing a great deal this school year. Below is an overview of what you can expect to challenge you this school year. I look forward to seeing your best at all times—so bring your ‘A’ game!


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Materials Needed

Please come prepared for class with the following:  pencils, ink pens, notebooks (you may need several over the course of the school year for homework and classwork. Your first notebook will be provided for you), homework folders, and tissues and hand sanitizer (for our class).

Rules and Expectations:

  1. Enter the room quietly and sit in your assigned seat.
  2. Jackets, coats, and backpacks on the back of the chair.
  3. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  4. Respect yourself and others at all times.
  5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  6. Be prepared for class.
  7. Do NOT eat in class.
  8. Do NOT drink anything other than water in class.
  9. Use your inside voices at all times.
  10. Please, do your best at all times!

Course Outlines for the Year – 7th

Units Subject – 7th grade  
Unit 1 Narrative Reading  
Unit 2 Writers’ Notebook  
Unit 3 Independent Reading  
Unit 4 Argument Writing  
Unit 5 Literary Essay
Unit 6 Nonfiction Reading
Unit 7 Information Essay
Unit 8 Writing the Argument/Proposal Essay and Personal Correspondence

Course Outline for the Year – 8th grade

Units Subject – 8th Grade  
Unit 1 Launching Writer’s Notebook  
Unit 2 Independent Reading  
Unit 3 Argument Paragraph Complex Commentary
Unit 4 Narrative Reading  
Unit 5 Literary Essay
Unit 6 Nonfiction Reading
Unit 7 Information Essay                                             Compare and Contrasting
Unit 8 Writing the Argument                                        Op-ed

Course Outline for the Year – 9th grade

Units Subject – 9th grade English  
Unit 1 Introduction to High School Reading  
Unit 2 Introduction to High School Writing  
Unit 3 Contemporary Realistic Fiction Novel
Unit 4 Epic  Poetry  
Unit 5 Shakespearean Tragedy

In closing, I am a pretty open person and believe that communication between the parent and the teacher is essential for student growth. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the school phone: 810-600-6466, ext 130.

Thank you for all your support,

S. Walker

Important Links

7th Grade Textbook

8th Grade Textbook

9th Grade Textbook

Please make sure you are only using the class that indicates 2nd Trimester. Assignments and updates will be posted here.