Genesee STEM Academy

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Mini Medical School

On March 8, 2018, Volunteers from Genesys Regional Medical Center came to Genesee STEM Academy to teach 1st – 5th students about proper nutrition, how to utilize medical equipment, and be inspired to work in the medical field.

**Special thanks to Dr. Mary Goldman, 
Program Director of Traditional Interns, and Brandess Wallace, Program Director of Mini Medical School for the Michigan Health Council. 



1.  X-ray station/bones—students gain understanding of why x-rays are done and how they are read, handle a skeleton and compare their extremities to x-rays of different ages.

2. Medical instruments—students learn how to use stethoscopes, otoscopes, check pupillary reflexes, and take blood pressure.   Students gain rudimentary understanding of how this information is utilized and handle or utilize the instruments during one-on-one instruction.   This makes physician visits a lot less intimidating.

3. First aid and hygiene—students learn about germs, the importance of cleaning a would, and how to put on a band aid (using a water soluble magic marker to make the imaginary cut).

4. Organ vest—discussion of what organs are in the body , placement of cloth vests on volunteers, one for each team, and then compete to see which team can be the first to properly Velcro all of the organs in place on the vest.

5. Nutrition—Nutritionists volunteer from the hospital and our trainees assist in the use of a floor mat picture to teach the concept of “My Plate” and then discuss healthy choices (including liquid intake) and the importance of diet in health maintenance.

6. Exercise—explanation of importance of exercise in health, followed by group calisthenics.

7. Photograph— each student is placed into a white lab coat with a stethoscope for a digital picture.


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