Genesee STEM Academy

Genesee County's First S.T.E.M Certified School

INNOVATORS Kettering Young Inventors Fair

On 5/1/18, Six GSTEMA scholars were selected to present their inventions at Kettering University during its Young Innovators Fair.  There were over 100 participants ranging between 4th – 6th grade.  Participants must explain the need and how they invented a product that could solve a problem.

**Special thanks to Sarah Perkins, Lead Cooperative Education Manager/Educator, at Kettering University.

Name                                                                            Invention

Le’Trelle English Jr.                                                    Twiznado

Tarvonion McLilly                                                       Noise Be Gone

Cassidy Town-Boone                                                  Comfy Seat

Jayden Watkins                                                           Cleaning Robot

Demarius Cochran & Richard Fleming                   Little But Loud

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