Hello, my name is Mrs. Jemeka Garcia!  

I am the Academic Behavior Specialist (ABS) here at GSTEMA.


My job is to help promote a Positive School Climate where students feel safe and loved.  

Creating a safe, loving environment is not a one person job, so we have created a team that meets monthly to discuss where we are and how we can improve.  Our Promoting Positive School Climate Team currently consists of two teams which are listed below:

Middle-High School Team

Elementary School Team

Mrs. Kimberly Coulter
Mrs. Jemeka Garcia
Mrs. Simone Walker
Mrs. Briona Smiley
Mrs. Kendra Batson
Social Worker team
Mrs. Kimberly Coulter
Mr. Napoleon Demps
Ms. Aneisha McDole
Mrs. Kendra Batson
Ms. Heather Wardell
Social Worker Team


We are looking for parents that are interested in joining the team to help update expectations, lessons, and acknowledgements for our 2018/ 2019 school year!

Click the link below to view GSTEMA’s expectations for each area of the school.

Bathroom Expectations            Bus Expectations                 Cafeteria Expectations               Classroom Expectations

Hallway Expectations              Office Expectations                Outside Expectations

2018-2019 school climate survey. 

Middle/High School school climate survey

Place your votes to where our end of the school year trip will take place. click the link below:

Vote for the end of the year trip


Email jemeka.garcia@geneseestem.com

or call at 810- 600- 6466

to learn more about becoming a part of the team.



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