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December 5, 2014 Friday Parent Letter

December 5, 2014


Happy Friday!  It has been an awesome week!  Our staff and students were delighted with a performance by The Troubadours on Thursday.  The group brings elementary-aged students important curriculum and character education lessons in a fun, music-filled half hour.  Their theme was ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’  Ask your child to tell you about their experience.

Reports were mailed today, please be on the lookout.  In addition to the Friday letter, students are also bringing home a letter & permission slip for 2nd Session of after school programs that will begin January 12, 2015 and a parent newsletter.

As a reminder, fast food is not allowed to be eaten in the cafeteria.  Please refrain from bringing fast food items to school for your children during breakfast and/or lunch.  Keep in mind the Healthy Smart Food Program that was initiated by Mrs. Michelle Obama.

We are sad to report Mrs. Tina Meredith, Special Ed Director, has taken another position.  We sincerely appreciate her dedication and commitment to our staff, students, and parents; she will truly be missed.  We have Ms. Davis, certified special education teacher, who will be temporarily filling in this role until a supervisor is hired.  Mr. Stebbins, a certified substitute teacher in math/science will be filling in for Ms. Davis working with the 5th/6th grade students until she returns.

Please remember to return permission slips for the Whiting field trip no later than Tuesday, Dec. 9.

We are proud to welcome back Mrs. Blaharski, who is safely returned from her deployment.  Thank you to Mrs. Purches-Waller for doing a fantastic job during Mrs. Blaharski’s absence.

Looking ahead at Genesee STEM Academy:

  • Tues, Dec 9 (5pm)                        Parent Ambassador meeting
    Wed, Dec 10                                 Field trip to Whiting for ‘Toying with Science’ (grades 1-6)
    Tues, Dec 16 (6pm)                       Winter Festival
    Thur, Dec 18 (6pm)                       Board meeting
    Dec 22 – Jan 2, 2015                     NO SCHOOL
    Mon, Jan 5, 2015                           Classes Resume
    Mon, Jan 12                                  2nd Session After school begins
    Thur, Jan 15                                  Board meeting
    Fri, Jan 16                                     Dr. Martin Luther King program


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