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Mrs. Gold

 Mrs. Gold’s 4th Grade Scholars

NEWS: Now that January is here, we will be preparing for our winter NWEA testing. We will be creating goals and the students will be discovering how to best meet their goals by learning about growth mindset and hard work! We are now in our new classroom and are excited about all the opportunities that will be available. We will be completing our division math unit and will be moving onto fractions and decimals. We are beginning our study on the United States government as well. In science we will be studying what factors influence changes on the Earth’s surface. Students will participate in group activities and projects to illustrate these changes and their impact on the Earth. In our classroom, reading is very important and it is incorporated into all subjects. Please encourage your scholar to read EVERY night! This is the best way to become a better reader. Also, encourage your student to use our online resources to increase their knowledge, and boost their NWEA scores. If you need their passwords, just let me know and I will get them to you (they should know them, as we use them daily).

A little about me: 

I am so excited to be a part of the Genesee STEM Academy family of STEM Certified teachers! We are the first school in Genesee County to be STEM Accredited and to have a STEM Certified staff. This will be my 6th year in education. Last year was my first at GSTEMA teaching 3rd grade. This year I’m excited to be teaching 4th grade.

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I have lived in Genesee County all my life. I attended the University of Michigan-Flint and graduated with High Honors in May of 2010. I am married, and have one son who is also an alumnus of UM-Flint!  I am a proud Wolverine!  GO BLUE!!

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A little about the classroom in general: 

“G.O.” Notebooks:  We will be using “G.O.” Notebooks (Getting Organized Notebooks) in which your student will take notes, and keep track of important papers from class. This is to assist them in maintaining their notes in a manner that will support their study skills.

Class Dojo: I use Class Dojo daily as an incentive for students to follow school and classroom expectations. You will receive information with your child’s sign-in codes, so you can add the app to your smartphone. Adding this is very important, as I will be using Dojo to contact parents regarding behavior, good news, and important announcements. It is an excellent tool to use to keep in touch and to see how your child’s day is going.

Grades: 4th grade is a big year…it is the first year for letter grades! No longer will you see the familiar 0-4 grading scale. The standard letter grades (A,B,C…)will appear on your students graded work, and on their report cards.

Homework Policy: I will give the students homework typically on Friday, in their Friday folders. This is due on Monday, returned IN the folder. During the week your scholar MAY have homework if they DID NOT complete an assignment during class time. I try to ensure they have adequate class time to complete assignments, but occasionally they may not complete it. Please encourage your student to complete and return the assignment, to avoid negatively impacting their grade.

Supplies: I will provide classroom supplies such as pencils, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks,notebooks, folders and markers. I would appreciate donations of healthy peanut-free snacks (pretzels, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, fresh fruit, etc) for the classroom if you are able. Also, supplies such as baby wipes, Kleenex and Clorox Wipes are always appreciated.

Birthday Celebrations: I love celebrating student birthdays! I do ask that if you plan to being in snacks, please ensure there are enough for everyone. We will celebrate at the end of the school day so that it doesn’t interfere with their scholarly pursuits. They must be purchased at a store and be peanut/nut free.

Dietary Concerns: Please be sure to inform me as soon as possible if your child has food allergies. If there are dietary concerns due to religious preferences, be sure to inform the office so arrangements can be made for school breakfast and lunch.

Contact Info: My email address is

Websites: Here are some websites that we will be using in our classroom:

Social Studies Text: 4th grade social studies text 





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