Genesee STEM Academy

Genesee County's First S.T.E.M Certified School

Ms. K. Davis

Welcome GSTEMA 7th and 8th Graders to the 2016-2017 school year!  I am very happy to have you in my classroom this year and can’t wait for all of the exciting activities to commence.  Our classroom population will also comprise a Chinchilla named Critter who loves to share vegetables and fruits, a bearded dragon named Mars, and various fish.  Many lessons can be learned from having classroom pets, which we will explore together.  This means that our classroom expectations are important and to be followed.  You can reference my classroom procedures and expectations here Classroom Rules and Expectations


The Game of Life:

This year the 7th and 8th graders will play the game of life.  Students will work with Dort Credit Union and learn about home economics.  Students will have to balance a checking account and pay bills.  Yes, that’s right- bills.  Every month they will pay an electric, water, gas, internet, rent (for chair, desk, and classroom) bills and have taxes taken out of their paycheck.  The students will be”fined” for classroom disruptions, not completing their work, lacking class materials, and not being in proper uniform.  On the plus side, students are able to earn bonuses for teacher compliments, A’s and B’s, and helping others.  Once they earned certain denominations, there are rewards for the students to purchase if desired.


Great academic sites for middle school students to check out!

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GSTEMA TankCongratulations to our fish tank design winners!  We will be contacting TANKED soon to build our classroom fish tank.  Our design was a group collaboration.


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