Genesee STEM Academy

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Miss Newkirk



Hello all! My name is Miss Newkirk and I am a new teacher at Genesee STEM Academy. I graduated this May from SVSU with a major in Elementary Education and Social Studies. I enjoy reading, drawing, travelling, and sports – especially football. I am excited to be a part of this school and am looking forward to this coming year!


I have put links to the textbooks below and will be adding links to other resources on the website soon. Students will be expected to read the assigned section each night. I will keep in mind the other classes that the students have when I assign homework.




Last week 5th grade started on their first unit about Native Americans and life before Columbus. The students were able to ‘survive in the wilderness,’ gathering apples, finding shelter, planning on how to get water, and more. They also used their engineering skills to make model Teepees and mud huts. They did an amazing job! Below are some pictures of the process and final products.




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